Hello my fellow ladies and gentlemens, 

Yesterday was a special day, not because it was my birthday, but because I got to spend it next to the love of my life and my family. My loved ones, food and a bonfire at the end is all I needed. 
I needed absolutely no gifts to enjoy my day, but my one and only came to me with a hug, a kiss and a gorgeous swarovski crystal necklace with matching earrings. I love this special gift very much. It’s very delicate that has this shimmer and shine to it. I could wear it with anything and this will hold a meaning behind it always. Shout out to my baby, thank you! 

So what did I wear? Well I decided to wear a short jumper, black and blue with high black wedges. My hair half up and half down and just to make me pop a little more I topped this outfit off with bright pink lipstick and a dark smokey eye. 

Jumper [store]: Joyce Leslie

Wedges [store]: Forever 21

Lipstick[brand]: Mac



Connect one and one together, and you got something unique..

Hello my fellow readers, 

So much had happen in this month and I am nothing but happy. Therefore, again sorry for not posting too much recently. 

Yesterday I wore a beautiful hand jewelry piece that I would love to share with all of you! It’s nothing new in the fashion world but I don’t see too many girls wearing them so I guess I want to kind of bring it back to more use:) 

I searched to find the name to this piece of jewelry but there’s no name than simply “ring bracelet” I’m going to call it a Ringlette though, just because πŸ˜€

Anyways, this is a beautiful jewelry that you can wear casually or formally. It’s classy in its own, unique ways. There’s so many, from different colors to different patterns and more. The one I’m wearing above, is a bronze ringlette with silver jewels and a little bit of pearls. 

There is DOs and DONTs when wearing a Ringlette though: 

The DOs:

– Wear them alone in one hand (Don’t over do it) 

– (Best) to wear them on your right hand (in case you want to wear a watch or your engaged/married you have too much going on your left hand) 

– Wear them with the appropriate outfit (not with sweat pants and a hoodie) 

The DONTs: 

– Do NOT wear other rings or bracelets ON THE SAME HAND with the Ringlette 

– Do NOT wear too much jewelry in general when wearing a Ringlette (the point is for people to notice the Ringlette first before any other jewelry you have on) 

Ringlette: [store] Forever 21 


Nikky ❀ 

A Spanish, Pakistani lookΒ 


First and foremost, I want to wish my [future] mother-in-law a very happy birthday. 

I am Ecuadorian, but my boyfriend’s nationality is Pakastani and his beautiful mother brought me back different dresses from Pakistan for me:) (As well as the bracelets you see on my wrist above) 


I’m wearing a traditional Pakastani dress that expresses the culture of Pakastan. The one above is a beautiful, classy black dress with the black pants underneath with bright, pink flowers coming down the middle of the dress and with beige patterns along the side. 


The shalwar kameez is the national dress worn by both men and women. The fabric can be made of silk, cotton, chiffon or more and the colors and patterns are very unique and/or exotic. Some of the women dresses come with a dupatta which is a long, multi-purpose scarf. This is s symbol of modesty.

There are many more types of clothing women wear traditionally like the lehenga Which is a long skirt type of outfit. 


I am honored to wear an outfit outside of my own culture. I will post more outstanding pictures of Pakastani fashion. 

Dress [country]: Pakastan (though there’s many places around the U.S. where you could find them) 

Sunglasses [brand]: Versace 

Wedges [store]: Forever 21 


I want to thank my handsome boyfriend as well for everything 


Nikky ❀ 

Colors, maxi, and summer..maybe?


So it’s the end of March and it’s been snowing a little in NJ still, so yes a big advice if you live somewhere, where it’s still showing- don’t put your winter clothes away just yet-_- 

However! Don’t be afraid to slowly but surly start taking your spring/summer clothes out either πŸ™‚ because you never know when you’ll be hit with a sunny day.

Dresses and skirts have been my most favorite outfits to wear anywhere since I was a little girl. They are the most comfortable things to wear! 


 Here I was hit with a beautiful, sunny day  so I thought before I get hit with more snow or cold weather, let me take advantage now! So I dug up my spring clothes and bright colors to go hand-in-hand with the weather.

I decided to wear a long, printed, colorful maxi skirt. It’s a fun, appropriate maxi that still yells out a little sexy because of a nice long slit that comes along with it. Since the maxi is very bright and colorful, I topped it with a black cami and black, thin cardigan. When it came to accessories, I made sure to put a hot pink scarf paired nicely with the maxi-due to the wind -_- and my green Nine West brand purse. Of course I can’t forget my raybans to protect my eyes from the sun, hair straight down and you got yourself a good sunny, but windy, beautiful March spring day πŸ™‚ 

  Maxi [store]: TJMaxx

Purse [brand]: Nine West 

Scarf [store]: Macy’s 

Shoes [brand]: Nine West 

Earrings [brand]: Betsey Johnson 

Work out without a gym!


There is always those days when the weather is no good to leave to the gym, you don’t have a ride to get to the gym or you just simply ο»Ώdon’t want to go and much rather workout at home. Huh? I’d say so. I love going to the gym but sometimes I rather stay home and workout with no one around me πŸ™‚ 

I’m going to show you what I do to get a very good cadio workout at home. Training with weights and targeting your abs come right after and is much easier to think to do at home with your own weights. However, what about cardio… How can YOU get your heart racing at home? 

Well I’m here to tell ya;)

1. First find an open space at home where you can run from point A to point B (does not have to be a long distance) run back and forth for 5 min (get as many runs as possible) IF you do not have a place to run inside your house, simply run in place. 

2. In place, do 50 high-knee runs, 50 jump rope (if you don’t have a high ceiling for a jump rope, fake the jump rope) and 50 jump-in-jacks 

3. Go to your stairs and do the “step-exercise” (Google it if you have no idea what I’m talking about) Do 25 steps on one leg and 25 on the other and go in a steady pace. If you don’t have stairs, make/get a step stool

4. On your mat (buy one if you don’t have one, it’s great to take anywhere) do 15 burpees. 

5. Grab your dumbell ball (or any type of weight) and hop from side to side bringing the ball down to your side stomach. Do 25 side hops. *This will target your side abs too*

Do this one more round, so a total of 2 rounds and you got yourself a good 30-40 min cardio workout at home πŸ™‚ 

Of course like I said above: follow this with strength workouts and abs 

Who said there’s no time for gym? How about there’s no time for excuses;) 

Your girl, 

Nikky ❀ 

Roses, chocolates and Zaheer


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Roses will end up dying
Chocolates will end up eaten
But memories with my significant other, Zaheer Ahmad, will last forever

And he made this Valentine’s Day a day filled with unforgettable moments. I can close my eyes and think back to this weekend of love with:
-Zaheer standing at my job surprising me with roses, teddy Bears and chocolates..
-Zaheer making a theme of 50 shades of grey the whole day before taking me to watch the movie
-Zaheer taking me to a breath taking view close to the city to eat at a beautiful restaurant
-Zaheer cuddling next to me watching the 50 shades
-Zaheer coming to my uncles house to say hello and spend time with my family
-Zaheer leaving me more gifts on my bed for me to come home to without knowing

Yes, ladies, Zaheer is a man, a gentleman, a man many respectful ladies deserve in their life. I’m thankful and blessed to have met my Zaheer.

Now the outfit of Vday:

I decided to make PINK the splash of color by wearing black leather leggings, a black blazer top, with a short, lose fitting, white crop top. I wore this outfit with neutral color-shade heels (white, black, nude all in one)

The splash of pink came from my lipstick, my pink feather earrings, and my clutch that had a neon pink stand-out to it πŸ™‚

Where I got everything:

Leather Leggings [store]: Old Navy

Blazer [store]: Forever 21

Crop top [brand]: Paper Crane

*heels* [brand/store]: signature by/ I got these heels online at

I hope everyone had a beautiful valentines πŸ˜‰





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That’s right! Breakfast! My first favorite meal of the day! This is why:
1. You have an option of a sweet breakfast or a savory breakfast
2. Or both;)
3. The meal in which you eat with a completely empty tummy!
4. The meal that gives you energy
5. The meal that always goes hand-in-hand with coffee!

Now, usually I like to workout first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. This is only because my body takes about an hour or so after waking up to feel hungry. IF I were to be hungry as soon as I wake up (which has happen) then I’ll just have something small, and not too filling like fruit before working out-giving me that extra boost of energy for my workout.
Everyone’s body works differently in the morning though. However, no matter if it’s before or after a workout (or no workout at all-which I DO NOT recommend) one should always eat breakfast!

MY GO-2 breakfast:

I usually just have my protein shake with fruit after my morning workout and prep a bigger lunch; but I’m not gonna lie, the protein shake can get boring at times-SO, this is what’s next on the list for me:

Yes people, oatmeal is very good for you. Make your oatmeal like I do and I promise you, you’ll never get bored of this breakfast due to a special ingredient πŸ˜‰ (keep reading)

*PLUS* it’s quick and easy!! Good for people who are always rushing to work- like me -_-

1. Always make original oatmeal-do not get those flavor oatmeal because that’s just extra ingredients and unnecessary sugar you don’t need.

2. As you make your oatmeal, cut up one whole banana into pieces

3. Once oatmeal is made; put banana pieces in the cooked oatmeal bowl along with any other fruits you’d like (my favorite that pairs nicely: Blueberries!)

4. Drum roll please for next, tastiest ingredient…. PEANUTBUTTER! Yes sir, that’s right. Add a dash of natural peanut butter to this oatmeal bowl and mix together

5. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea and you have yourself:
– Quick breakfast filled with vitamins from the fruits
– Good, low calorie, filling carbs from the oatmeal
– && best of all, a good source of protein from what better than the peanut butter!

This will keep you full until lunch time:) Now, what was that about but having time for breakfast? ;p


Always your,
Nikky ❀

Boots and Raybans


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The day after a snow storm..
The day after, where the weather becomes a little warmer..
The day after, in which there is not too much wind..
The day after, when even though it’s still cool outside, the suns out and about!

TODAY: where the weather is perfect enough to dress in boots, but keep the shades on your face;)

I call this type of outfit, my “dress-bum” outfit.
Why? Well because I’m kinda dressed up but still “bummed” enough to feel comfortable. I’ll explain:

The pants! These are “jeggings” (legging-pants) which are comfortable because of their flexibility but are super cute with its unique mustered color-instead of plain black leggings. Though, I “dress up” these pants with my high-knee, cognac color boots.

The blouse! This is a dressy, laced blouse. But the “bumming” of it is the fact that it’s loose fitting and it’s a “light jean” material type of shirt.

My hairs up in a donut bun making the look “bummy” somehow but my jewelry and make up keep the look “dressed up”

You see the mix? πŸ™‚

Mustered color pants: [brand] Machine “lour new mode”

Jean/laced blouse: [store/brand]: Tjmaxx/sans souci

Boots: [brand] Breckelles

Xoxo, your
Nikky πŸ™‚

Oversize it!


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First, I want to start by saying I’m deeply sorry for lacking on my blog. Work, school and having an amazing boyfriend (not complaining!! He’s the best) are a big part of my life which puts my blog on pause! But I pinky promise that will change! Starting today I must update my blog more frequently again!

Well, anyways, let’s talk a little fashion now, shall we? πŸ™‚ I want to talk about how amazed I am with wearing over size sweaters. They are perfect for the winter, fall-time, and very windy days. They also pair nicely with matching leg warmers πŸ™‚

Ladies, I will tell you that tight doesn’t always have to be sexy! You can rock an oversize shirt or oversize sweater like this one above and still make it look sexy!

The outfit itself is cute, but what makes it sexy and stand out, are the ripped white jeans I paired the oversize sweater with (showing just a little skin) with sexy nude colored heel booties. *shout out* to my wonderful boyfriend Zaheer Ahmad for the gift on the shoes! I love you and thank you again baby!

These oversize sweaters are not only
Cute and sexy for any day wear, but they are the most comfortable thing you can wear (next to yogas and hoodie, hehe)

So remember:
1. Sexy doesn’t always mean tight

2. Comfortable for any day use

3. Pair clothing accordingly

Oversize sweater: [store][brand]: Mandees; “say what?”

Ripped white jeans: [brand]: 21 Denim

Nude bootie heels: [store and brand]: Guess

To my protein bar lovers!


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It has been a little hard for me to find a protein bar to stick to and like very much. That was until I saw this protein bar made by “Luna.”

Before I mention why this is my new addiction I must first say that luna protein bars are market targeted to women mostly, perhaps because it’s a low calorie protein bar, or perhaps because it has flavors to kill [women] sweet tooth, but whatever the case is, I think that many men would love these as well. So please, try it!

My favorite one is LUNA’s “chocolate cookie dough” protein bar. First, I fell in love with the fact that it was only 170 calories with 50 calories of fat, but second I fell in love with the taste! I much rather have this to satisfy my sweet tooth rather than a cookie to be honest ;p
Let’s see it’s benefits:
– 170 calories
– A wowing of 12 grams of protein
– Gluten free
– Vitamin D/Calcium
– Iron/Folic Acid
– Healthy minerals
– Taste amazing