If you love to eat like I do, you should make sure you love to workout as well. I know you always hear that it has to be a good balance for both (which is 100% TRUE) But sometimes (or in my case, most of the time) you tend to over eat a little or eat something “not-so-healthy”

Well, no need to fear, for I will tell you how I keep in shape (for the most part) and still eat like a man -_- hehe

  • Wake up and smell the coffee- Eat Breakfast! If your not hungry right away or an hour after waking up, then go out for a jog or something in the morning; That will surly help rev up you appetite
  • Work It- Workout at the least 45 min a day (If your body is sore by the end of the week or so, have a rest day!-mine are usually on Saturdays) Personally I like to get my workout out of the way in the morning or early afternoon:)
  • Don’t lose your guns- Make sure to add weights with your cardio-Or do weights after cardio *Burn more calories and makes you look much more defined and toned.
  • Think Ahead- If you know you’ll be having a big dinner at night, keep it light during the day && vise-versa
  • Change it up- You don’t eat the same foods everyday, so don’t do the same workouts everyday!
  • Protein- Make sure you add it to every meal/snack you eat!
  • Walk&talk- Grab a friend and go for a walk (the talking will help you forget that your exercising) Or do what I do and plug your headphones in and walk by yourself:)
  • ZzZzZ- Get some sleep! Who doesn’t like to rest and sleep?
  • Do you feel it?- Eat only when your hungry or when your feeling light headed and know your body needs energy. Trust me, I eat out of boredom all the time but try to keep busy doing something else to keep you from doing so.
  • Grilled Errthang keep fried food in moderation, IF you really need it, but for the most part, try to keep it grilled or baked!
  • Stand up, Get up- Keep moving or at least be on your feet whenever you can!
  • Chocoacholic- If you have a sweet tooth like I do, try to find things that will satisfy you sweet tooth but is healthier than your average candy bar. (Ex. chocolate covered almonds, or frozen yogurt instead of ice cream)
  • Label it- I always look at nutrition labels!! And make sure to read the ingrdients * If you can’t pronounce most of the words, then most likely its not too good for you* (The shorter the ingrdients the better!)

My GO-TO foods:

~Fat Free Milk- Keeps my bones healthy and body lean

~100 calories almond packs by Emerald- They help me keep my calories in check and adds great protein into my diet 

~Protein Special K cereal- Provides many vitamins and has a good amount of protein ðŸ™‚ add fruit to sweeten it up (I love bananas in mines) 

~Peanut Buter- I like “PB2” powdered peanut butter because it has 85% less fat calories and it is all natural. If you don’t like the powdered peanut butter, then I reccomend “Smucker’s natural Chuncky” It is high in calories (210 per 2 Tbsp) but it’s ingredients are nothing more than peanuts as well.

~Laughing Cow- I love these little spredable wedges of cheese. I usually go for the “mozzarella sun-dried tomato& basil” and “Original cream cheese”

~80 calories Light&fit Greek Yogurt- Many, many flavors with only 80 calories and 12 grams of protein!

~Triscuit crackers- Short and sweet ingredients  

~Stevia- If you must sweeten anything! :*

~”Best Pita”- This pita bread is hard to find I hear, but its always at my local supermarket. It is a big pita bread for only 80 calories and very short ingredients that I can read – hehe

~Pepperidge farm “light style” wheat bread- IF you can’t find the above PITA, this bread has only 40 calories per slice! (120 calories per 3 slices) 

~”Skinny Pop”- Pop pop pop POPCORN 🙂

~Fruits/Veggies- A must always

I’ll keep everyone updated for more health&fitness- Don’t hessitate to ask me any questions! Please give me your feedbacks as well, or tell me what are your health/fitness rules you follow!


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