I never liked drinking alcohol or doing drugs but since I’ve been 18 years old, I would love visiting hookah bars and lounges. This was my “fun night out” 

When I met my hubby, Zaheer, I was super happy to know that he too did not like to drink or do anything bad like drugs but he enjoyed hookah just as I (another reason of why we are a perfect match? lol

What exactly is HOOKAH? Well, hookah is an instrument made for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. The vapor or smoke is passed through water, or some even add milk to make the smoke cloudier and thicker. 

Now, yes smoking hookah can be probably 10 times worse than smoking a cigarette as some say, but then again smoking hookah once in a blue moon is better than smoking cigarettes everyday, 2-3 times a day (take that hookah haters :p)  

*PLUS* : you don’t really have to inhale hookah, you can easily taste the flavor without inhaling and let th smoke go. 

Anyways, smoking hookah once in a while is a perfect excuse for us to go on a date to grab some amazingly good Lebanese food, and socialize with some flavored hookah. It is relaxing and actually can help you sleep very well at night 🙂 
*Our favorite hookah flavor is BLUE MIST 

Side note for those asking where he got his hat: 

Zaheers Hat above is for both men and women: Aldo [Store] 

Nikky ❤️