January 24, 2016 was the night-the night where the most handsomest man gave me the most beautiful ring. 

“Come, let’s take a picture by the view” he insisted. 

Despite being cold, I could not disagree to go see such a shinning, bright view of the city lights with a man who’s eyes are just as shinning. Heck, it’s our spot anyways, from our first date to now and forever, it will always be our spot. 

Besides a few photographers who were there taking random photo and video of the city in front of us, and a few runners, was Zaheer and I trying to take selfies in the cold, laughing and talking. After a few minutes, the photographers kindly asked if it was ok for them to take pictures of us and post on their Facebook in a way of promoting themselves. We said of course! 

Boy, they and Zaheer were great actors.. Or maybe I’m just very gullible. Because at around that moment, Zaheer decided to give me a monthly anniversary card (in which he does every month-no surprise there).. That was until I read it… As soon as I read it, I threw it, I cried and I turn around only to see Zaheer on one knee. 

“Would you Marry me?” He smiled. 

I laughed and cried at the same time and without looking at the ring I said “OF COURSE” as I pushed him away in shock. 

To my surprise, the photographers kept taking pictures and continued to record the whole moment. I knew what was going on right there and then. 

 I want to only talk about this outrageous, most wonderful gift I received that night. It is a Verragio Dimond ring, with a rose gold rim on the inside, and a small rose gold rim on the outside, top of the face of the ring. It shines and sparkles in every move I take, with smaller diamonds all sound the first ring, followed with more on the face of the Dimond, and finishing with one big Dimond in the middle. It has extra 2 small Dimonds by the inner rose gold ring on both sides. I am very blessed to have a man like him. 

So thank you again for making my night unforgettable, and my life, the best. Though this ring is big, Zaheer is my biggest rock. I love you.


Nikky ❤ 

Hope everyone had a beautiful  Valentines Day