Sometimes going to the city can be adventurous…well actually it is all the time. 

Though, best time to go is during the fall, because the weather is more than perfect-not too hot, not too cold, just right

My amazing hubby and I decided to go on a random Sunday just to walk around and find something to do- you will always find something in the city.


Obviously some shopping got done, heck, New York is one of the best spots to shop at. Some good old street food is also yummy hehe (once in a while is O.K) ((which I must say, go to Halal Brothers, it’s pretty tasty for “street food”)).

And of course we had to stop by Magnolia Bakery for some amazingly good bananna  putting! We ended it off with a museum since there’s so many in the city, and talked about our day the whole way back in the train. 

I would highly recommend  visiting the city at any time, you’ll find so much to do. 


Okay, so let’s talk style! It was a beautiful day, a sweater was much needed but a coat was not:) therefore I kept it very simple and wore: 
A “sweat pants” jumper[Aerie]: Very comfortable to walk in, not too heavy/grey.

Multiple Gold Necklaces[Forever21]: Something about gold with grey that looks nice and brings out specialness to an outfit 🙂 

Nike Air Force 90s[Online Nike Web]: When going to the city, definitely wear comfortable shoes, number one rule. They are pink and grey matching my outfit and giving it a little color 

Topped it off with a light black Northface: To match my pink on my shoes I wore my Northface with pink letters (shout out to Zaheer for this NF)

NY Yankees hat[Lids]: Just to finish my outfit, to cover my face from the major sun rays from that day and to show NY respect, hehe:) 

Your blogger friend,

Nikky ❤