Hello my fellow bloggers and all, first, I would like to apologize to everyone for not writing in a long time. Life got in the way but I realized today that writing is part of my life; something I enjoy doing, so to not forget about it! 😐

So anywho, it is finally the beautiful Autumn here in Jersey and though the nights are getting longer and the day are getting shorter, the leafs just keep getting brighter πŸ‚πŸƒ 

My most handsome sweetheart Zaheer, had taken me out for our 14 month anniversary (yes, we celebrate every month😁) He never tells me where we are going though, so I have to try my best to fit the right outfit for the right place -_- (NOT COOL

He ended up taking me to a goirgous restaurant where we can sit outside with a NYC view (thank you my baby) 


So Nikky, what did you wear?! Well as you see above, I decided to go with something simple that was appropriate for Autumn yet somewhat classy (if that makes any sense) 

Outfit: Brown jumpsuit [Store]: TJMaxx

Shoes: Brown heels that came with a hint of dark blue, purple and reddish color to it [Store/Brand]: Aldo 

I paired this outfit with very simple jewlary since I usually like to go “OD” on jewlary with all other outfits haha.. 

Simple, gold and long earrings, with gold tattoo hena on my right arm and hand. 

This gold [fake] tattoo, is becoming very popular now-a-days with us ladies. You can find it anywhere!! From any stores such as Forever 21 to places like Target. They are fun to use and wear😍 
I promise to keep up with my writing, 


Nikky πŸ‘„