There comes a time in a girls life where she will fall in love….In love with him and spends every day talking to him, getting to know him and sharing so many moments with him. So much that next thing you know, a year went by with this special HIM..

Well, that’s exactly what happen, in a blink of an eye, a year went by with me and my Zaheer. On our 1 year anniversary (hoorayyyy), he decided to take me out to the restaurant that he took me to on the very first time we met (can I get an “aweee”). There was so much meaning behind taking me here again and I loved every moment shared that we got to relive for the night. 

In addition to having it be like our first time meeting, I wore something similar to what I wore a year ago that day, and so did he. The following is what I wore: 

Ballon Pants[store]: TJMaxx

Crop Top[store]: Mandees  

Black wedges[store]: Forever 21

*also Zaheer got me a very special necklace with a matching bracelet! It is from Swarovski and it’s called “Star Dust” its a beautiful set that can go with anything, anywhere.* 

Below is a closer look on the necklace:) THANKYOU my darling ❤  

Here is a few before and afters: (left is new us/me, right is old us/me) 


Shout out to my life for this beautiful night

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