…is exactly what Zaheer (aka Zazu) said to me, staring at me, as he arrived to pick me up half asleep to go to the beach at 7am hehe ;p 

Why? Well because your Nikky was all dolled up to go to the beach… ((Of course I had my bathing suit under my clothes and all)) but I still had to dress up in a way.. Guess that’s just me 😀 

That’s right I walked out with green wedges, ripped jeans [ Or in my case, torn jeans ] and a nice sleevless, summer top. Also I finished my outfit with a matching green purse to go along with everything! 

** I accersorized myself carefully because ladies: RULE 1 when dressing up to the beach, limit your jewelry just a little because it’s very easy to lose presious items like these here that will become treasures for someone else (mermaids cough cough) hehe jk … But really 

With that being said lets see what and from where I am wearing: 

Boyfriend Ripped Jeans [online] : Machine Jeans (.com) 

Sleeveless royal blue with green top [store]: Hollister 

Green Wedges [brand]: Qupid 

Accessories: Alex and Ani bracelets, Swarovski ring, long earrings from (mandees) Versace sunglasses 

Now Zazu..what was that?.. Nikky can’t dress up to the beach just a little? ;p 

hehe I love him very much, always shout out to Zaheer