Hello my fellow ladies and gentlemens, 

Yesterday was a special day, not because it was my birthday, but because I got to spend it next to the love of my life and my family. My loved ones, food and a bonfire at the end is all I needed. 
I needed absolutely no gifts to enjoy my day, but my one and only came to me with a hug, a kiss and a gorgeous swarovski crystal necklace with matching earrings. I love this special gift very much. It’s very delicate that has this shimmer and shine to it. I could wear it with anything and this will hold a meaning behind it always. Shout out to my baby, thank you! 

So what did I wear? Well I decided to wear a short jumper, black and blue with high black wedges. My hair half up and half down and just to make me pop a little more I topped this outfit off with bright pink lipstick and a dark smokey eye. 

Jumper [store]: Joyce Leslie

Wedges [store]: Forever 21

Lipstick[brand]: Mac