Hello my fellow readers, 

So much had happen in this month and I am nothing but happy. Therefore, again sorry for not posting too much recently. 

Yesterday I wore a beautiful hand jewelry piece that I would love to share with all of you! It’s nothing new in the fashion world but I don’t see too many girls wearing them so I guess I want to kind of bring it back to more use:) 

I searched to find the name to this piece of jewelry but there’s no name than simply “ring bracelet” I’m going to call it a Ringlette though, just because 😀

Anyways, this is a beautiful jewelry that you can wear casually or formally. It’s classy in its own, unique ways. There’s so many, from different colors to different patterns and more. The one I’m wearing above, is a bronze ringlette with silver jewels and a little bit of pearls. 

There is DOs and DONTs when wearing a Ringlette though: 

The DOs:

– Wear them alone in one hand (Don’t over do it) 

– (Best) to wear them on your right hand (in case you want to wear a watch or your engaged/married you have too much going on your left hand) 

– Wear them with the appropriate outfit (not with sweat pants and a hoodie) 

The DONTs: 

– Do NOT wear other rings or bracelets ON THE SAME HAND with the Ringlette 

– Do NOT wear too much jewelry in general when wearing a Ringlette (the point is for people to notice the Ringlette first before any other jewelry you have on) 

Ringlette: [store] Forever 21 


Nikky ❤