First and foremost, I want to wish my [future] mother-in-law a very happy birthday. 

I am Ecuadorian, but my boyfriend’s nationality is Pakastani and his beautiful mother brought me back different dresses from Pakistan for me:) (As well as the bracelets you see on my wrist above) 


I’m wearing a traditional Pakastani dress that expresses the culture of Pakastan. The one above is a beautiful, classy black dress with the black pants underneath with bright, pink flowers coming down the middle of the dress and with beige patterns along the side. 


The shalwar kameez is the national dress worn by both men and women. The fabric can be made of silk, cotton, chiffon or more and the colors and patterns are very unique and/or exotic. Some of the women dresses come with a dupatta which is a long, multi-purpose scarf. This is s symbol of modesty.

There are many more types of clothing women wear traditionally like the lehenga Which is a long skirt type of outfit. 


I am honored to wear an outfit outside of my own culture. I will post more outstanding pictures of Pakastani fashion. 

Dress [country]: Pakastan (though there’s many places around the U.S. where you could find them) 

Sunglasses [brand]: Versace 

Wedges [store]: Forever 21 


I want to thank my handsome boyfriend as well for everything 


Nikky ❤