There is always those days when the weather is no good to leave to the gym, you don’t have a ride to get to the gym or you just simply don’t want to go and much rather workout at home. Huh? I’d say so. I love going to the gym but sometimes I rather stay home and workout with no one around me 🙂 

I’m going to show you what I do to get a very good cadio workout at home. Training with weights and targeting your abs come right after and is much easier to think to do at home with your own weights. However, what about cardio… How can YOU get your heart racing at home? 

Well I’m here to tell ya;)

1. First find an open space at home where you can run from point A to point B (does not have to be a long distance) run back and forth for 5 min (get as many runs as possible) IF you do not have a place to run inside your house, simply run in place. 

2. In place, do 50 high-knee runs, 50 jump rope (if you don’t have a high ceiling for a jump rope, fake the jump rope) and 50 jump-in-jacks 

3. Go to your stairs and do the “step-exercise” (Google it if you have no idea what I’m talking about) Do 25 steps on one leg and 25 on the other and go in a steady pace. If you don’t have stairs, make/get a step stool

4. On your mat (buy one if you don’t have one, it’s great to take anywhere) do 15 burpees. 

5. Grab your dumbell ball (or any type of weight) and hop from side to side bringing the ball down to your side stomach. Do 25 side hops. *This will target your side abs too*

Do this one more round, so a total of 2 rounds and you got yourself a good 30-40 min cardio workout at home 🙂 

Of course like I said above: follow this with strength workouts and abs 

Who said there’s no time for gym? How about there’s no time for excuses;) 

Your girl, 

Nikky ❤