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That’s right! Breakfast! My first favorite meal of the day! This is why:
1. You have an option of a sweet breakfast or a savory breakfast
2. Or both;)
3. The meal in which you eat with a completely empty tummy!
4. The meal that gives you energy
5. The meal that always goes hand-in-hand with coffee!

Now, usually I like to workout first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. This is only because my body takes about an hour or so after waking up to feel hungry. IF I were to be hungry as soon as I wake up (which has happen) then I’ll just have something small, and not too filling like fruit before working out-giving me that extra boost of energy for my workout.
Everyone’s body works differently in the morning though. However, no matter if it’s before or after a workout (or no workout at all-which I DO NOT recommend) one should always eat breakfast!

MY GO-2 breakfast:

I usually just have my protein shake with fruit after my morning workout and prep a bigger lunch; but I’m not gonna lie, the protein shake can get boring at times-SO, this is what’s next on the list for me:

Yes people, oatmeal is very good for you. Make your oatmeal like I do and I promise you, you’ll never get bored of this breakfast due to a special ingredient 😉 (keep reading)

*PLUS* it’s quick and easy!! Good for people who are always rushing to work- like me -_-

1. Always make original oatmeal-do not get those flavor oatmeal because that’s just extra ingredients and unnecessary sugar you don’t need.

2. As you make your oatmeal, cut up one whole banana into pieces

3. Once oatmeal is made; put banana pieces in the cooked oatmeal bowl along with any other fruits you’d like (my favorite that pairs nicely: Blueberries!)

4. Drum roll please for next, tastiest ingredient…. PEANUTBUTTER! Yes sir, that’s right. Add a dash of natural peanut butter to this oatmeal bowl and mix together

5. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea and you have yourself:
– Quick breakfast filled with vitamins from the fruits
– Good, low calorie, filling carbs from the oatmeal
– && best of all, a good source of protein from what better than the peanut butter!

This will keep you full until lunch time:) Now, what was that about but having time for breakfast? ;p


Always your,
Nikky ❤