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First, I want to start by saying I’m deeply sorry for lacking on my blog. Work, school and having an amazing boyfriend (not complaining!! He’s the best) are a big part of my life which puts my blog on pause! But I pinky promise that will change! Starting today I must update my blog more frequently again!

Well, anyways, let’s talk a little fashion now, shall we? 🙂 I want to talk about how amazed I am with wearing over size sweaters. They are perfect for the winter, fall-time, and very windy days. They also pair nicely with matching leg warmers 🙂

Ladies, I will tell you that tight doesn’t always have to be sexy! You can rock an oversize shirt or oversize sweater like this one above and still make it look sexy!

The outfit itself is cute, but what makes it sexy and stand out, are the ripped white jeans I paired the oversize sweater with (showing just a little skin) with sexy nude colored heel booties. *shout out* to my wonderful boyfriend Zaheer Ahmad for the gift on the shoes! I love you and thank you again baby!

These oversize sweaters are not only
Cute and sexy for any day wear, but they are the most comfortable thing you can wear (next to yogas and hoodie, hehe)

So remember:
1. Sexy doesn’t always mean tight

2. Comfortable for any day use

3. Pair clothing accordingly

Oversize sweater: [store][brand]: Mandees; “say what?”

Ripped white jeans: [brand]: 21 Denim

Nude bootie heels: [store and brand]: Guess