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It has been a little hard for me to find a protein bar to stick to and like very much. That was until I saw this protein bar made by “Luna.”

Before I mention why this is my new addiction I must first say that luna protein bars are market targeted to women mostly, perhaps because it’s a low calorie protein bar, or perhaps because it has flavors to kill [women] sweet tooth, but whatever the case is, I think that many men would love these as well. So please, try it!

My favorite one is LUNA’s “chocolate cookie dough” protein bar. First, I fell in love with the fact that it was only 170 calories with 50 calories of fat, but second I fell in love with the taste! I much rather have this to satisfy my sweet tooth rather than a cookie to be honest ;p
Let’s see it’s benefits:
– 170 calories
– A wowing of 12 grams of protein
– Gluten free
– Vitamin D/Calcium
– Iron/Folic Acid
– Healthy minerals
– Taste amazing