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Maybe I’m a little late at posting about Halloween, now that we are in November and everyone is getting ready for thanksgiving. Well that won’t stop me from sharing my Halloween outfit of that day.

I had no spooky party to go to this year so my boyfriend and I decided to keep it fun by making a costume out of our own clothing as Aladdin and princess Jasmine. Therefore, wallaaa, we created what perhaps the modern Aladdin and Jasmine may have looked like hehehe.

I’m wearing dark blue printed balloon pants with a hint of pink stripes to them, with a white crop top. I accessorized with a chunky, colorful necklace that sparkled, gold wedges and my gold headband that falls nicely to the front of my forehead.


It was a beautiful Halloween well spent with my boyfriend. We kept the theme of Aladdin and Jasmine by going out to eat at a Turkish restaurant right by the view of the city. And how could we not finish the night with hookah and dessert. Keeping that culture up;)


Balloon pants: [store] Mandees
Croptop: [store] Joyce Leslie
wedges: [store/brand] Guess
Headband: [store] Icing