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It’s Friday! And it’s Fall time! Although spring and summer time are my go-to seasons, I must admit my love for autumn as well.
The weather is perfect usually- sunny, with a bit of a chill. Fall time is when the scarves, boots, and cute sweaters come out. You can work around so many cute outfits and mix and match everything.

I’ve talked about colors in autumn and I said go neutral! You know- your browns, blacks, nudes, ect.. However let those color be your main color. Always have a pop of color somewhere-which is what I always talk about too. Match the leaves! 🙂
Can you guess where my “pop of color” is in this outfit?
That’s right! My purplish pants:)

Here I’m wearing a loose plaid tank top shirt (black and white), topped it with a light, no-sleeve jean jacket, and my colored pants. Oh. And of course I had to wear my hat as my main accessory and keep it sexy with my black pumps!

Shirt: [store] Mandee

Pants: [brand] Tinseltown

Jean jacket: [brand] Jessica Simpson

Black pumps: [store] Bakers

Hat: [brand] D&Y