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Warm weather is slowly leaving as the cold weather is approaching here in Jersey. Summer time and spring time are the seasons in which I love wearing color on top of color! Why? Because it brightens you up just as your days in those seasons!

However, we are now getting into autumn and winter! Now that does not mean you have to stop wearing color! *please don’t stop wearing color!* but it simply means that most of my “color” clothing is pushed a little towards the back of my closet and the neutral colors, along with black, are towards the front of my closet.

I am here to say though, that no matter if it’s colorful or neutral, don’t let that make or break your mood! When thinking of the color black, people may think “negative” moods/thoughts as comparing, for say, the color pink, where people would most likely think of “positive” moods/thoughts. Remember you can always add color to neutral clothing with jewelry or even things such as your nail color ladies:)

As conclusion, neutral is in now! But be creative with color!

Pants: [brand] paper tee
Shoes: [store] forever 21
Ring: [store] (thank you to my man Zaheer) Swarovski

Love always,
“Your” Nikky ❤