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YES. People, work for it. I could be talking about many things, but what I’m referring to is “working out” and keeping your body in check. I tend to eat A LOT. Yes, for the most part it’s “healthy” food, but it’s too much food-in one sitting. This is my flaw when trying to “eat right.”

HOWEVER! This is the reason I only give myself ONE day off of every week to rest my body. Only one. Because of how much I tend to over-eat sometimes. Also, exercising has just become a life style, so only one day off is the most I can take.

NOW I have mentioned this before so I’ll mention it again; I love working out in the morning or mid afternoon. I’m not so big in working out more then half way through my day or even at night. I would do it, but prefer not to.

THEREFORE, sometimes on days I know I have something to do later on in the day, or know I’m working late, I force myself up at 4:45AM to head to the gym (yes 4:45 in the morning). I’ve been called crazy for this, but I’ve been called motivated too.

THIS is the secret to waking up at that time to work out:

1. Drink ice cold water (wakes you up and revs up your metabolism)
2. Wash your face (duh)
3. Think of how happy you are going to feel after your done (you will feel extra energized by the time your done and be happy to know you got your exercise checked off)

SO you have woken up, and forced yourself out of your house. But what about now? Your at the gym and feeling tired. Well…

1. Drink ice cold water again
2. Turn it up with music.

Nikky ❤