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This past weekend was incredible! Starting with a surprising, heart-beating date night at the beach with my man Zaheer, to an outstanding, “couples night” dancing by the city lights (riding in style too;) hehe) to Sunday funday with my girlfriends… all the way extending to a relaxing, indoor movie night with my man, yet again:)

I couldn’t ask for a better weekend, hands-down:)

This picture was taken Saturday night. The night we took a limo towards the city lights.
The night we all dressed up to go out for some dancing
The night we celebrated my cousins 21st birthday.
The night we felt like superstars (hehe)
The night we fell in love all over again.

I think it is always important to go out with a group of people when being in a relationship. Small group, big group, just another couple- doesn’t matter. But something! Why? Because people tend to become a little anti-social once getting into a serious relationship. It should never be that way! Of course it’s very important to have many “one-on-one” time with your significant other, but let’s mix things up sometimes too! It’s healthy people! [ Don’t be awkward:D ]


I also think it is important to always look your best with your partner. If he’s dressed down, then you dress down. If he’s dressed up, then you dress up. Keep it balanced. It is cute to match in colors when going out, but not necessary. Zaheer [top picture] and I just happen to match that Saturday night with our neutral color, grey shirts, and fancy watches:)

Remember: looking good, makes you feel good. So why not look good with your other half? You’ll feel extra good;)

Light, pink color jeans: American Eagle

My black, leopard face watch: Francescas

Zaheer’s blue and silver [unique looking] watch: Guess

Angel wing gold ring: Joyce Leslie

Love always,

Nikky ❤