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I absolutely love my “jean” long-sleeve, button-up shirt because it could go with almost anything!! I can keep the sleeves down or up, keep it open, closed or half way. And best of all I can dress it up with color pants (because denim on denim is not always cute!), skirts, leggings, and even dresses! These jean, button-ups can be pricy but they are well worth it for all the combinations you can wear it with.

I am still holding onto summer and for a day like this (sunny but windy), an outfit like this would be perfect. It’s cute and sexy. The skirt is loose enough to not show too much of your curves but sexy enough to show the right amount of legs. The shoes help with that sexiness too 😉 I would say. Since I’m showing enough legs, let’s not show too much upper body ladies:) (staying classy is the key) so the button-up was well-put together with the skirt. Also since the skirt is an amazing emerald-green color and has a lot going on with the patterns on it, the jean button-up was the right balance for the outfit all together. It’s plain and simple:) the yellow pumps are my favorite! Like I always say, the shoes must always be the focal point of your outfit:)

Skirt: Forever21

Jean button-up: American Eagle

Pumps: [brand] Michael Antonio

Nikky ❤