Pants: They look yellow in the picture, but they are a light orange originally. Brand: Guess

Shirt: White, short and loose making it comfortable. The back was laced and see-through. From: TjMaxx

Wedges: Light Gold, low heel wedges. Brand: Guess

What would you consider a good “first date?”

What do you think about when you are getting ready for a “first date” with someone?

Dating can be fun (when your single of course). But I think that it is important to go on dates with an open mind. I think that you should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Don’t go expecting too much or too less. Remember, a date is JUST a date (no biggie). Now don’t get me wrong, a single date can most definitely turn into an amazing relationship, but then again, it can turn into just a friendship or even turn back around to becoming strangers once again.

My number one rule when going on a date is to meet up with the other person to where ever you both decide to go. That way, if it turns out not as you pictured it, you wouldn’t have to be obligated to stay (hehe). But in that case, lets not be rude either! If the date is not-so-good, then slowly but surely let it down easy and come up with a good excuss to leave.

I believe that going out to eat is on of the most popular “first date” type of dates and I love this because when your out to eat, there will always be people around you (making the environment fun and social) and you get to know the person your out on a date with because of the amount of time there is to talk to get to know each other and converse about almost anything. See, if you went to, say, the theaters, on a first date… where is there the time to talk? Awkward.

The day that the picture above was taken was by far the best “first date” I ever had. He took me to a resturant near the city (and yes i drove myself although he offered to pick me up. RULE #1 PEOPLE!) where we not only ate great food, but we enjoyed a little bit of hookah as well. Hookah can be enjoyed socially and occasionally. I thought it was great because it is an excuse to stay a bit longer to continue “chit-chatting” away;) After getting to know each other for a good few hours, I was ready to head back home. Not because I didn’t enjoy the date (because I definitely did) but because I thought that was it. But Oh boy was I wrong! He then respectfully asked me if it would be okay to take me “somewhere” for a little extra time. I smiled and nodded yes. He opened his car door for me (now that I know I liked him, rule #1 no longer exist anymore, hehe) and off we went..

He took me to a view. A view in which i’ve always wanted to go to but never had the chance to. A BEAUTIFUL VIEW that lighten this “first date.” We got out of the car to see those NYC buildings light up the night along with that full moon on that dark sky. Is it crazy to think that he was “the one” on this very “first date?” Well, maybe just a little. But the night was THAT perfect that it made me think so. And I guess that makes the two of us crazy (my date and myself) because he kissed me on that first date.. under that moonlight, in front of that view.


(There’s no rules on kissing on first dates in my book; besides letting the guys do the honor first haha.)


It has been a little over a month now and he has been nothing but wonderful. I gained a best friend, a lover, and an amazing feeling of hope for what the future may bring..all starting with this first date.


So remember everyone;

Go on a date open-minded with enough hope, but not too much expectations. Follow my few rules and always, always look your best! Don’t forget first impressions always count!

Do this, and you’ll never know what that first date might bring;)