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I work for an eye doctors office. I’m the optometric/contact lens technician. We always have meetings on new products, new vitamins, and/or new technology to test patients eyes. A “representative” from the different company’s come to our office to keep us updated and informed on the “new.” So not too long ago a “rep” from Alcon (a contact lens company) were excited to introduce to the doctor I work for and us about these new colored contact lenses. They had invited us to go to NYC to learn more and get hands-on these new colored lenses. And of course you know when it involves the city, there’s never a “no” in my book;)


We register and headed off. Decided to take the train to get that whole “going-to-the-city” type of experience (plus I wouldn’t drive around in NYC haha).

Overall, this work-related event was definitely an amazing time. And not only did we learn about the colored lenses, but we learned so much more beyond that. This is why I believe when a chance is given to you, don’t hesitate to take it!


SIDE NOTE: these contacts are great! Now-a-days it’s hard for people to be interested in colored lenses but if anyone is intreated, I will admit that I got the chance to put these lenses on, and I loved them because not only were they comfortable, but the color of them made it look so natural which is always important!

What’s amazing too is the fact that you can visit their website and either chose a model they have there for you or take a “selfie” where you can put the different color lenses on your eyes to see which you’d like better. You can compare and contrast different colors and much more!

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My Outfit:

I wore a button-up, loose, navy blue-stripped blouse with dark, tight “skinny” jeans. Finishing it off with red, sexy heels, a long red necklace, red lipstick and a brown, neutral color purse. (Not as much red as it sounds).

Button-up collar blouse: Jolt brand

Dark skinny jeans: Levi Strauss&co

Heels: forever 21

Purse/watch: Michael Kors