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As many know, I’m in loved with coffee. We go way back. It all started when my grandma made me my first cup back when I was a toddler. From that day on, I never stopped. “No le diga a su Mami” she’d warned me. (“Don’t tell your mother”). Haha hey, but truthfully, coffee isn’t bad at all. Well then again, it depends on how you like it.

Personally, I drink mine with half a cup of “Fat free” milk and/or two or three spoonfuls of “Sugar Free” hazelnut creamer. I can drink it black but only if I eat something sweet with it. (I would have at the most, two cups a day)

Now for all you fitness people out there who are coffee addicts like me; is it good to pregame with a cup of joe? Or is it better to workout first and then drink your cup?

Well, before I even researched, I would say that I’ve done both and to me either ways seems ok..although I do tend to drink my coffee after a workout more often than before.

So turns out that I was right! Either way is fine. Here are it’s benefits for both:

Pre gaming with coffee: (according to “Fitness Peak” website)

1. There’s at study that you will get a 30% capillary blood flow, than those who don’t drink coffee at all or drink decaf.

2. It helps reduce any aches, pains or soreness you have before starting your next workout.

3. It improves your workout. Meaning you would push yourself a bit harder but the exercise would feel “easier.”

4. Helps improve your memory and muscles because it triggers your growth factors, also known as “Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor” (BDNF).

Benefits of partying after with coffee: (according to “The Times Of India” fitness article and “Men’s Fitness”)

1. This will help you refuel your muscles and recover quickly.

2. It will maintain or speed up your metabolism! Plus keep you energized after your workout.

3. Your blood glucose and blood insulin levels increase- leading to enhanced muscles.

4. Prevents disease (well in general) because of it’s high antioxidants.

Now although both have great and similar benefits, I will admit that most of my researches did say it is better to have your coffee BEFORE you workout. At the end of the day, it all depends on your daily schedules! Just make sure to exercise and have at least one cup of coffee a day- if you don’t drink coffee than tea is perfectly fine as well!

Nikky ā¤