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What better time to go on vacation!? Summer time is the perfect time and we all need to get away from work and your “norm” for a while. Who agrees?

I’m currently in the Philadelphia airport waiting to aboard the next plane to Cali:) (from NY airport, to Philly to Cali.. You can say I’m starting to feel a little exhausted, especially with all this waiting around) I got to make the best of it though and thankfully I left home with a comfortable outfit!

I had to leave my house at 2 am to catch my flight at 6, so I grabbed my Victoria Secret “skinny” sweat pants, a grey, lose tank and finished with a light jean jacket on top. As of shoes, I left with light (shimmery) gold flip flops.

TAKE NOTE: I think flip flops are best to leave to an airport with due to the fact that at the airport, they make you take off your shoes when going through security. Flip flops are fast and easy–> you will be out in no time!

As you all can see, I also made sure to put my “LA” fitted hat on:) To be honest, I don’t wear hats like this often but I thought it would have been cute with my comfy look and it doesn’t hurt that I’m going to LA anyways (HELLO!) hehe:)

… Oh and yes my favorite color is PINK. After all, pink is the color of fashion 😉

Sweatpants/lounge: Victoria Secret
Purse: Coach
Hat: Charlotte Russe
Tank Top: Mandees
Jean Jacket: (brand) Highway jeans

Nikky ❤