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So anyone that knows me, knows that I have an addiction to Nutella. It is my absolute favorite spread to eat with almost ANYTHING! Now the sad part is that unfortunately, Nutella is not the healthiest; for it is high in calories, fat and sugar!

Not too long ago I blogged about “PB2” peanut butter. When I went to my nearest GNC I noticed that there was a “PB2” CHOCOLATE version! You should have seen my face! I thought the peanut butter was already amazing enough, so now that I found a chocolate version too I was just super excited to try it right away! Matter fact, there was less of the “chocolate type” on the shelf than the peanut butter “PB2.”

Well anyways, I tried it for the first time this morning and this is my review on it:

It is pretty tasty! You do taste that chocolate taste and the texture of it is just as creamy as Nutella (as long as you mix it well with a little bit of water since it does come in powder form). Adding a bit of cinnamon would also give it a little kick:)

Now I won’t lie, it is still not as good as Nutella, BUT it will most definitely help me eat less Nutella than usual because it does satisfy my sweet tooth just as equally. So if you love Nutella like I do, or have a chocolate sweet tooth, I recommend to try this “PB2” with premium chocolate

It’s benefits:

– 45 calories per two table spoons (Nutella has 200 calories)

– 10 calories of fat (Nutella has 110)

– 4 grams of protein (Nutella has 2g)

– 3 grams of sugar (Nutella has 21g-YIKES!)

85% less fat calories! Come on, how much better can this get! 🙂

Nikky ❤