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For some reason, I’ve been wearing many different shades of blue. Is that the color for the summer 2014? Well according to hamptonroads.com “dazzling blue” is number one on the list! (Under “fashion Fridays” post)

Apparently, blue makes a “bold statement” and I couldn’t agree more! When thinking of blue, you think of sadness perhaps, or it being a cold color, but you can change those thoughts into positive representations of BLUE:

-peaceful/calming color (It’s all about the peace)
-a color that will help you feel relaxed if stressed! (I’ll be wearing more blue often!)
-studies show that blue can make you feel more creative.. (Hmm.. Interesting)
(This was all according to collegefashion.net)

Well that’s too bad that blue isn’t my favorite color. Pink is; and I still found a nice way to add my “pop of PINK” into my mixed shades of blue outfit with the earrings! πŸ™‚

Dress: Wetseal
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Watch Brand: Geneva
Earrings: Mandee