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Holy Moly! Most of you will probably ask me why or how is this the first time i’m hearing of this; but as I was strolling down looking for my peanut butter that I always buy (Sumucker’s Natural PB “Chunky”) I noticed a powdered PB called “PB2.” I grabbed it right away after reading the front of the container: “85% LESS FAT CALORIES”  

This is incredible! Just look at all the pros:

-2 Tbsp= 45 CALORIES (The usual is about 200 calories for the same serving size)

-Fat calories= 13 (The usual is about 140)

-Total fat= 1.5 GRAMS (The usual is about 16g)

-It as 5g of protein (Yes, the usual has about 2 more grams but it is not a big diffrence) 

-Ingredients are nothing but peanuts, sugar and salt (Don’t worry: only 1g of sugar and 94mg of sodium) 

-Same great taste! (At least to me it really does taste the same!) 


The only con that I would say is that since it is “powdered,” you will have to add some water and mix it until it becomes smooth PB, so it is not PB that is ready to just be smeared on some bread. Also I loved the chunky PB, and this “PB2” does not have the option of chunky or smooth- it is only smooth. However, I don’t mind at all, because the pros of this “PB2” Over powers the few cons that are no big deal in the first place.


Above was my breakfast this morning, and for the past few days along with some oatmeal and a big cup of coffee of course (hehe). I am in love with this “PB2”- Especially since I am the type to eat PB almost every morning, about 5 days a week! 


Now I did do my research on “PB2” and I am getting mixed reviews on its nutrition and health facts. To be honest, I am the type to jump into conclusion and say “HEY, the lower the calories and shorter ingredients, the better!” So if anyone else knows more in depth of this PB, please let me know. This “PB2” is made by removing the NATURAL oils of PB and then dehydrating what’s left leaving it in that “85% less fat calories” that I mentioned above, so overall, is it healthy for your body? Hmmm..


Nikky ❤