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This past weekend I went to a restaurant/bar in Newark, New Jersey. The Portugal festival was going on so why not go eat some Portuguese food and enjoy the festival?

Well, truthfully, it was a bit of a disaster. Let’s just say Newark is not the best place to go to in New Jersey.. Especially at night. However, I was already there and had no choice but to make my Saturday night into a good night anyways. Therefore I decided to stay inside for the most part to stay safe (haha) and enjoy some food along with drinks with some friends.

Now for all of you that do know me, you would know that I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t mind people drinking (all my friends and family do) but I just choose not to. Don’t worry I’m still a good time, I promise 🙂
It’s funny though, because when I was standing at the bar with my friends, a pretty good looking man asked me if he could buy me a drink (your usual pick up line hehe). After a few “no, it’s okay” and giggling and blushing while saying that, he said “no please let me buy you a drink.” I finally said okay with a smile on my face. I told him I’d like pineapple juice. He looked at me super shocked and questioned me just pineapple juice?

I drink water, coffee and tea. I never really drink juice and absolutely no soda for me. But, I won’t lie, I love.. LOVE pineapple juice and mango juice. Has to be natural though! Since pineapple juice is what I decided to get, I’d just like to share with you a few of it’s benefits:

-low in calories
-energy booster (what I needed that late at night)
-helps digest (all that Portuguese food I ate, hahaa)
-healthier skin, hair, nails

..and a lot more.

Now if you were wondering what happen next with the handsome gentleman.. Well he fell in love with the fact that I didn’t drink alcohol. It makes me feel good when I hear that they love the fact I don’t drink, because most people will assume I’m not a “good time” or a “party pooper” since I don’t- when in reality I’m the total party animal.. Just sober:)

All I need is to look my best, my friends by my side, some music to dance to, and my pineapple juice.. And I’m set 🙂 (heheeehee)

Nikky ❤