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Hehehe “shai” is the word for tea in arabic (small words here and there that my best friend teaches me) I guess you can say i’m taking Arabic 101 with her:) (Always good to learn new languages!) 

Any who, caffeine is a must for me. Without my cup of coffee in the morning, i’m nothing. However, along with my cup of joe, comes the “Sugar Free” hazelnut creamer (YIKES). It is only 15 calories per table spoon but the calories will add on knowing I put about 4 table spoons! Plus the ingredients are all those hard-to-pronounce words and words we have no clue about, such as: 



Acesulfame Potassium 

Hydrogenated (things) 

…and so on. I am sure most of these ingredients are just other fancy names for “fake” sugar and whatnot. Lets not forget the less ingredients, the better. So this leads to what I was going to talk about; back to our “shai” 🙂 


Knowing that when I drink coffee I must add this creamer to it, I decided to get my caffeine fix in another HEALTHIER way- DRINKING TEA! Now we have all heard how good green tea is for you, so I don’t have to necessarily get too into it, but I must say that these are my favorite benefits of green tea:   

– Makes my metabolizam super fast (I swear I could feel it! haha)

– Keeps me awake, just like coffee  (I’m like the energized bunny)

– Helps me go to the bathroom (Did she just say that!?)

– Helps me lose, if not, maintain my weight (It’s like magic)


Best of all, I don’t have to add anything (like creamers) to my tea. If you must add anything, go for a bit of all-natural honey (which is also filled with nutriants). Green tea is known as the most, if not, ONE of the most healthiest drinks in the world because of its antioxidants, EGCG, and health benefits. There is not one negative thing to say about green tea. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think I love coffee a lot better but replacing coffee for some green tea through out your week or at least adding it to your day, is a small change that would make a BIG diffrence!

“Some say: Life is short

Others say: Life moves too fast!

Whichever it is, do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

Come have a cup of tea with us.

Or make a big pitcher of iced tea! Whatever it takes to

Revive, recharge and reflect.

Savor the moment!”

-Carrington Tea (Green Tea Original)


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