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I have always disliked the lip balms that would make your lips feel “minty” and numb-like.. You know the ones that are suppose to make your lips fuller. Well we all want full, Angelina Jolie lips; so I finally found a lip balm that I absolutely fell in love with from Victoria Secret that has that effect of “lip fullness!”

It is called “PLUMP” pout tinted balm. When you put this lip balm on, you will feel that “tingle” I was talking about above, but it’s not as much as other lip balms that I have tried (you get used to it!) and they leave your lips so soft. The gloss on it is just right and it’s not sticky what-so-ever!

The sent is hard to describe because there barely is a sent to it. But if I had to describe it, I would say it smells “flowery” (if that’s even a word?)

If you are like me, constantly putting lip balm on, TRY this one! You will love it! Oh and by the way, that is another reason I love this balm- it stays on long unlike others!

Flatter Me

Nikky ❤