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So as you all know, I have a sick obsession with SHOES. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, heels, sneakers.. You name it! Shoes can really say a lot about a person and in what mood your in.

Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, but if your feeling “sexy” tell me you wouldn’t think of putting heels on? Or if you want to feel cute, maybe a pair of wedges. Sporty, sneakers and lazy, maybe some flip-flops? No? It’s the same when it comes to your outfit. However, something about shoes that actually make your outfit.. They are the ones that scream out “Look at me!”

Today I was obviously feeling happy, new and refreshed. Maybe because it’s Friday 🙂
These babies are from SHOEDAZZLE. I highly recommend you ladies to go online and shop here when your in desperate need of shoes or just bored and want to do some online shopping like me on most days.

Not only will you receive your shoes very fast, but if anything goes wrong with them you can call and your wish is their command! They are the most happiest, energetic people I have spoken to on the phone with! (Made me want to ask if they were hiring! Haha)

P.S. My problem is that when ordering these, they came too small! So when I called they helped me out right away and sent out the right size for me. Make sure you read the reviews when online shopping! I always seem to forget (YIKES) -_-

Any who, I’m in LOVE..

…With these shoes that is 😉