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So I do workout almost every day for at least an hour. I do a lot of running as my cardio and although I switch my workout rountine often, I notice I always keep my cardio part of the workout as running. If i’m at the gym, I start off by running on the treadmill for half an hour. If I am at home, I go outside to run up and down hills for 20 minutes to half an hour. My point is that i’m always running around. So this morning as i’m getting ready to go out for another run, I stopped myself and said “you know what, let me try another type of cardio I can get my heart pumping with.” 

I looked on youtube for kickboxing workouts. I found a 30 min kickboxing workout that I ended up doing and loved! Best of all, it was a kickboxing workout video from Coach Kozak. I used to workout to his videos all the time, so when I found out he had this amazing cardio workout I could start doing when i’m home and don’t feel like running, I was super excited. Coach Kozak is a good trainer who has plenty of workout videos on youtube and has his own page where you could see what to eat if you want to lose or gain weight! It is called HASFIT. I would strongly suggest to look up some of his videos and check out his page. Best of all, he keeps everything FREE! 🙂 


Try this 

Hasfit Website

Any other workouts similar to his that you would recommend me doing so I can change up my running routines into something else? Let me know:) How do you get your heart pumping? 😉


Now go kick some booty!