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This weekend coming up is memorial weekend- meaning no work on Monday (for most people at least) and a nice long break! I have a few things planned already and I know that this will be a “hard-to-recover” type of weekend (hehe) so I made sure to prep myself ahead of time.
Not only am I getting ready for what’s in store this weekend but I’ve been very stressed out lately. Therefore, the best, healthy way to get myself back on track had to start with a full body massage! This was much needed!

I went to a spa that I actually used to work at a long time ago called: LOOMA spa. My service provider was Hema. This was such an amazing experience and I can’t stress enough of how much better I feel. I never have gotten a full body massage here because I always thought they were a bit pricy :/ ($85 for an hour massage plus tip!) but today I noticed why. Hema stretched my muscles perfectly enough for me to feel a nice stretch and massaged my body and head so nicely that I was in the edge of drooling! (I’m kidding) but seriously!

I feel so relaxed right now and energized at the same time. Today and this weekend should be good, I’m ready!