Hello darlings,

So I posted what cavitation is not too long ago and I said I’ll let everyone know how it is if I decided to try it out!

Turns out I decided to give it a shot. He was charging me $45 a session which apparently is cheap for what it really costs (there is a range of prices).

Your suppose to do 8 sessions to see results. Again, your not really loosing weight, but inches off your waist and mid section. So far I have done 4 sessions (half way!) so I thought that since I was half way there, I’d be seeing a little results..

Well to be honest with everyone, I haven’t see too much results. My clothes fit me the same, and I just feel as if I look the same. I’ve taken some pictures, but still see no difference.

I was beginning to get a little upset that I was spending money and time on something that seem to not work, so (in the most nice way possible) I told him how I felt about this. He told me that all his other clients are seeing results but that he was going to see what he could do to help me out more.

He called me yesterday and told me that he spoke to a doctor about why it seemed difficult for me to see any results. Apparently, the doctor told him that since I already “eat right” and workout almost everyday, it’s going to take my body an “extra something” for it to show the extra results I’m seeking to find.

I’m not sure exactly where I’m going to go from here.. But honestly, I’m not sure if I recommend it. The money and time wasted is not worth loosing a few inches off your waist, which is not even promised to every body type.

I think I’m going to stop continuing the sessions, but again, I’ll keep everyone posted about cavitation and what ends up happening if I continue.

Nikky ❤