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I think it is important to always have your nails done, even if you keep it simple with a single polish and no design. I recently have been keeping it very simple now-a-days but I couldn’t help this morning look at how detailed I used to get them done. So since it’s Thursday and it’s considered “tbt” (throw back Thursday) I figured why not share my past nail designs and photos from when I used to “go all out!” πŸ™‚

Quick side note: some of these are pictures of my nails with acrylic nails on top and some are my own nails with just the gel polish! I like the gel polish a bit more because they last just as long for me without the chipping and they are natural! However, I have noticed that when they take the gel polish off, my nails are not as hard and seem to break easily! Ugh! Any feed back in this? I’d love to know!

I know many special events are coming up, starting in this month until summer, so hopefully my past nail photos will give you some ideas! πŸ™‚