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Hello my loves!

So recently my Spa and facial treatment “guy” (Kevin) has told me about something called Cavitation. He just got this machine in and basically told me what it is used for.

—->  It is used for anyone who would like to make their midsection, thighs, or anywhere in the body tighter and more toned. This will help loose inches off your body depending where you’d like. I’m not too sure how exactly it works, but to my understanding, cavitation is made up of some type of pressure to the body that involves “shock waves.” You would have to do about 8 sessions of this “cavitation” to really see results, though, people see results within the 3 times of doing it. It is painless, but a bit pricy!

Since it is Kevin’s first time doing this service on people he is going to just charge the first five people $45 per session (like I said there are 8 sessions). I’m debating if I should try it or not. Would it be a waste of my dinero or no? Hey, but $45 per session is not too bad knowing that it cost more than that.  

Any who, If I do try it out, I will post pictures or let you know about my experience with this so call “cavitation” 🙂

Cavitation Video