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Hello there darlings,

So I used to work at a spa and at the spa they provided a service called “sugaring.” I have been getting “sugaring” done since working there and I figured I should write about it since not too many people that i’ve spoken to know what sugaring is.

Sugaring is another type of way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. So yes, instead of waxing, you would do sugaring instead. Now it can be a bit more expensive, however, it is worth it and i’ll tell you why!

First and for most, sugaring is made of all natural ingridents unlike wax and provides essential oils. It takes away dead skin cells only where as waxing takes even the good, live skin cells away too. Personally, I can tell you that sugaring does not leave me as red as waxing does when its all done (So that’s a big plus!). A big reason why it is better also, is that when getting “sugared,” the service provider goes in the same direction the hair grows rather than against it like waxing which makes it less painful by putting less pressure on the skin. 

It is perfect for men and women. It is perfect for any part of the body. 

Here is how it works and looks like: SUGARING