I love breakfast! I rather eat breakfast than dinner. Breakfast is what wakes us up, keeps us up till lunch time and gives us the energy we need for the day. I’m a coffee addict too so anything with a cup of joe on the side is my perfect meal. Many have told me they don’t wake up hungry so they leave the house without food in their tummy! That’s not so good! So if your not hungry, I got some suggestions:
1. Wake up a little earlier: therefore your body will have extra time to develop that “hungry” feeling
2. Make a breakfast-to-go: the night before make a breakfast you can grab and go with so you have something with you for when you do get hungry instead of stopping at a fast food place EWW
3. Eat something light: if your not hungry but feel like you need to eat something to wake you up, grab a fruit and Greek yogurt, or spread some natural peanut butter on a banana! (Make sure you add that bit of protein to keep you full!)