“La Hookah”

I never liked drinking alcohol or doing drugs but since I’ve been 18 years old, I would love visiting hookah bars and lounges. This was my “fun night out” 

When I met my hubby, Zaheer, I was super happy to know that he too did not like to drink or do anything bad like drugs but he enjoyed hookah just as I (another reason of why we are a perfect match? lol

What exactly is HOOKAH? Well, hookah is an instrument made for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. The vapor or smoke is passed through water, or some even add milk to make the smoke cloudier and thicker. 

Now, yes smoking hookah can be probably 10 times worse than smoking a cigarette as some say, but then again smoking hookah once in a blue moon is better than smoking cigarettes everyday, 2-3 times a day (take that hookah haters :p)  

*PLUS* : you don’t really have to inhale hookah, you can easily taste the flavor without inhaling and let th smoke go. 

Anyways, smoking hookah once in a while is a perfect excuse for us to go on a date to grab some amazingly good Lebanese food, and socialize with some flavored hookah. It is relaxing and actually can help you sleep very well at night πŸ™‚ 
*Our favorite hookah flavor is BLUE MIST 

Side note for those asking where he got his hat: 

Zaheers Hat above is for both men and women: Aldo [Store] 

Nikky ❀️



January 24, 2016 was the night-the night where the most handsomest man gave me the most beautiful ring. 

“Come, let’s take a picture by the view” he insisted. 

Despite being cold, I could not disagree to go see such a shinning, bright view of the city lights with a man who’s eyes are just as shinning. Heck, it’s our spot anyways, from our first date to now and forever, it will always be our spot. 

Besides a few photographers who were there taking random photo and video of the city in front of us, and a few runners, was Zaheer and I trying to take selfies in the cold, laughing and talking. After a few minutes, the photographers kindly asked if it was ok for them to take pictures of us and post on their Facebook in a way of promoting themselves. We said of course! 

Boy, they and Zaheer were great actors.. Or maybe I’m just very gullible. Because at around that moment, Zaheer decided to give me a monthly anniversary card (in which he does every month-no surprise there).. That was until I read it… As soon as I read it, I threw it, I cried and I turn around only to see Zaheer on one knee. 

“Would you Marry me?” He smiled. 

I laughed and cried at the same time and without looking at the ring I said “OF COURSE” as I pushed him away in shock. 

To my surprise, the photographers kept taking pictures and continued to record the whole moment. I knew what was going on right there and then. 

 I want to only talk about this outrageous, most wonderful gift I received that night. It is a Verragio Dimond ring, with a rose gold rim on the inside, and a small rose gold rim on the outside, top of the face of the ring. It shines and sparkles in every move I take, with smaller diamonds all sound the first ring, followed with more on the face of the Dimond, and finishing with one big Dimond in the middle. It has extra 2 small Dimonds by the inner rose gold ring on both sides. I am very blessed to have a man like him. 

So thank you again for making my night unforgettable, and my life, the best. Though this ring is big, Zaheer is my biggest rock. I love you.


Nikky ❀ 

Hope everyone had a beautiful  Valentines Day

New York

Sometimes going to the city can be adventurous…well actually it is all the time. 

Though, best time to go is during the fall, because the weather is more than perfect-not too hot, not too cold, just right

My amazing hubby and I decided to go on a random Sunday just to walk around and find something to do- you will always find something in the city.


Obviously some shopping got done, heck, New York is one of the best spots to shop at. Some good old street food is also yummy hehe (once in a while is O.K) ((which I must say, go to Halal Brothers, it’s pretty tasty for “street food”)).

And of course we had to stop by Magnolia Bakery for some amazingly good bananna  putting! We ended it off with a museum since there’s so many in the city, and talked about our day the whole way back in the train. 

I would highly recommend  visiting the city at any time, you’ll find so much to do. 


Okay, so let’s talk style! It was a beautiful day, a sweater was much needed but a coat was not:) therefore I kept it very simple and wore: 
A “sweat pants” jumper[Aerie]: Very comfortable to walk in, not too heavy/grey.

Multiple Gold Necklaces[Forever21]: Something about gold with grey that looks nice and brings out specialness to an outfit πŸ™‚ 

Nike Air Force 90s[Online Nike Web]: When going to the city, definitely wear comfortable shoes, number one rule. They are pink and grey matching my outfit and giving it a little color 

Topped it off with a light black Northface: To match my pink on my shoes I wore my Northface with pink letters (shout out to Zaheer for this NF)

NY Yankees hat[Lids]: Just to finish my outfit, to cover my face from the major sun rays from that day and to show NY respect, hehe:) 

Your blogger friend,

Nikky ❀ 

Falling in love with Autumn

I’ve always been a spring and summer girl, but autumn is starting to become my favorite season overall. The main reason is because of its perfect weather and the FALL OUTFITSπŸ‘’πŸ‘šπŸ‘’πŸ‘—πŸŒ‚πŸ‘– 

Today is a perfect Sunday to spend with your loved one and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. We are craving gourmet burgers from ZinBurger, our all time favorite burger joint and do some other fun things. 

Therefore, today is a great day to dress casual, with an awesome fall-ready outfit

I’m wearing a light coat (in which I’ll probably not take off because it is that light-weighted) with dark colored jeans, a  fedora hat and open-toed wedges

Coat[store]: Old Navy 

 Jeans[brand]: Levi’s 

Fedora Hat[store]: Aldo 

Wedges[brand]: Fusion


Nikky πŸ’Ÿ

Brown is the new Black?

Hello my fellow bloggers and all, first, I would like to apologize to everyone for not writing in a long time. Life got in the way but I realized today that writing is part of my life; something I enjoy doing, so to not forget about it! 😐

So anywho, it is finally the beautiful Autumn here in Jersey and though the nights are getting longer and the day are getting shorter, the leafs just keep getting brighter πŸ‚πŸƒ 

My most handsome sweetheart Zaheer, had taken me out for our 14 month anniversary (yes, we celebrate every month😁) He never tells me where we are going though, so I have to try my best to fit the right outfit for the right place -_- (NOT COOL

He ended up taking me to a goirgous restaurant where we can sit outside with a NYC view (thank you my baby) 


So Nikky, what did you wear?! Well as you see above, I decided to go with something simple that was appropriate for Autumn yet somewhat classy (if that makes any sense) 

Outfit: Brown jumpsuit [Store]: TJMaxx

Shoes: Brown heels that came with a hint of dark blue, purple and reddish color to it [Store/Brand]: Aldo 

I paired this outfit with very simple jewlary since I usually like to go “OD” on jewlary with all other outfits haha.. 

Simple, gold and long earrings, with gold tattoo hena on my right arm and hand. 

This gold [fake] tattoo, is becoming very popular now-a-days with us ladies. You can find it anywhere!! From any stores such as Forever 21 to places like Target. They are fun to use and wear😍 
I promise to keep up with my writing, 


Nikky πŸ‘„


There comes a time in a girls life where she will fall in love….In love with him and spends every day talking to him, getting to know him and sharing so many moments with him. So much that next thing you know, a year went by with this special HIM..

Well, that’s exactly what happen, in a blink of an eye, a year went by with me and my Zaheer. On our 1 year anniversary (hoorayyyy), he decided to take me out to the restaurant that he took me to on the very first time we met (can I get an “aweee”). There was so much meaning behind taking me here again and I loved every moment shared that we got to relive for the night. 

In addition to having it be like our first time meeting, I wore something similar to what I wore a year ago that day, and so did he. The following is what I wore: 

Ballon Pants[store]: TJMaxx

Crop Top[store]: Mandees  

Black wedges[store]: Forever 21

*also Zaheer got me a very special necklace with a matching bracelet! It is from Swarovski and it’s called “Star Dust” its a beautiful set that can go with anything, anywhere.* 

Below is a closer look on the necklace:) THANKYOU my darling ❀  

Here is a few before and afters: (left is new us/me, right is old us/me) 


Shout out to my life for this beautiful night

Instagram: nanu719 and don’t forget to add my special man @ zazu719 



Style! comfort! Fabulous! 

Are you looking for a pair of pants that will fit and look good  weather your big or small or tall or short? “Ballone pants” are the way to go then! 

Leggings are always worn for their comfort and  “strechyness” but lots of girls don’t know how to wear leggings properly making everything shown. Well no need to worry, because ballone pants are just as comfortable and “strechy” and fit just right for any casual day. In addition to that, these pants have a splash of style

Ladies, you can dress these pants with a crop top, a tight top, long-sleeve, sleeveless, or any type of top you’d like. Here I paired it with a nice mid-sleeve jean shirt with a pearl necklace and some fun, matching shoes. 

  Here you can see a closeup on one of my favorite ballone pants. And because there was so much color and patterns going on, I went simple with my shirt. Ballone pants come in diffrent patterns and colors or even solid colors only. I honestly recommend them for any beautiful, casual day. 
Ballone pants [Store/Brand]: Ambiance Apparel

Jean-button up [Store]: Lord & Taylor’s 

Necklace [Store]: Forever 21 

Sandels [Web]: Shoe Dazzle  


You can never go wrong with PINK


Wearing color jeans are my favorite because it really can make you stand out. You can dress them up in a classy or casual way and they just overall look great:) they are best for Spring and Summer seasons I suggest (at least the lighter pairs-like I have below) Fall and Winter should be darker colored pants. 

The only rule I can think of for wearing colored pants is to wear them with a simple colored top.. NEUTRALS! So I’m talking about my whites, blacks, browns, greys 

OR (like I have above) “Jean” material shirts

Let’s go through the break downs of “WHERE FROM GURL?!” Hehe 

Colored (highlighter pink) pants [store]: Mandees 

Jean-Material blouse [brand]: Guess

Jean-Material wedges [brand]: Michael Kors

Brown skinny belt [store]: American Eagal 

“..but we are going to the beach?”

…is exactly what Zaheer (aka Zazu) said to me, staring at me, as he arrived to pick me up half asleep to go to the beach at 7am hehe ;p 

Why? Well because your Nikky was all dolled up to go to the beach… ((Of course I had my bathing suit under my clothes and all)) but I still had to dress up in a way.. Guess that’s just me πŸ˜€ 

That’s right I walked out with green wedges, ripped jeans [ Or in my case, torn jeans ] and a nice sleevless, summer top. Also I finished my outfit with a matching green purse to go along with everything! 

** I accersorized myself carefully because ladies: RULE 1 when dressing up to the beach, limit your jewelry just a little because it’s very easy to lose presious items like these here that will become treasures for someone else (mermaids cough cough) hehe jk … But really 

With that being said lets see what and from where I am wearing: 

Boyfriend Ripped Jeans [online] : Machine Jeans (.com) 

Sleeveless royal blue with green top [store]: Hollister 

Green Wedges [brand]: Qupid 

Accessories: Alex and Ani bracelets, Swarovski ring, long earrings from (mandees) Versace sunglasses 

Now Zazu..what was that?.. Nikky can’t dress up to the beach just a little? ;p 

hehe I love him very much, always shout out to Zaheer 


Let’s Just RunAwayΒ 


There comes a time in your life where you will be going through so much. It could be going through so much good or it could be through so much bad. Whichever it is, it’s always good to just get-away for a bit. The best place to help you forget and feel free, is THE BEACH!! This is the place where all you see is smiling faces, welcoming people, lovely weather, and a free mind. If your down about something, the beach will bring you right up, and if your happy about something, the beach will make you even happier. So it’s a win-win;) 

This past weekend I had a blast with my significant other, my all, my baby, my everything. Our number one beach to go to that is right here in NJ is Long Branch Beach. We pretty much met because of this wonderful beach and it’s the best feeling going back at any day, rain or shine. 

Zaheer (Above) and I had an amazing day and will continue going back this whole summer. But even if it’s for a few hours, it’s worth every minute.  It’s not a vacation, but it’s still a get-a-way. 


“You can never cross the ocean, until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” -Christopher Columbus 

Where’s my fashion talk? 

Ok well ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you:) 

My outfit was very simple and comfortable! I was wearing a long black sleeveless jumper with a brown and gold thin belt, torquoise accersories and of course the beautiful necklace Zazu gave me. I finished my outfit with cognac color wedges. 

  He was wearing dark navy blue pants and a pink plated button up shirt with Jean blue shoes. 

Romper[store]: Forever 21

Wedges[brand]: Vince Camuto

Purse[brand]: DooneyAndBourke 

Necklace[store]: Swarovski   

Zaheer’s Clothing[store]: H&M

Zaheer’s Shoes[store/Brand]: Aldo